:: Walk Natural is the official blog of 01M-OneMoment, a brand of FIGTREE FACTORY STUDIO S.L., based in Valencia (Spain). We developed, produce and sell the first “100% biodegradable shoes”. Made in Spain, our shoes are made for travel, outdoor and indoor activities. Walk barefoot sensation. It’s easy to carry because of its ultracompacted size.

For further information: www.onemoment.es

:: Walk Natural es el blog oficial de 01M-OneMoment, una marca de FIGTREE FACTORY STUDIO S.L., con sede en Valencia (España). Hemos desarrollado, producimos y vendemos los primeros “zapatos 100% biodegradables”. Hechos en España, los zapatos están pensados para los viajes, actividades indoor y outdoor. Con la sensación de caminar descalzo. Fácil de llevar debido a su tamaño ultracompacto.

Para más información: www.onemoment.es


3 responses to “About

  1. My foot size is exactly 8.5. Will the shoe stretch if I get a small or would a medium fit better?

  2. Madeline Brandt

    how long do the shoe last for? if i wear them everyday?

  3. @Kenzie, small is better for you.
    @Madeleine, some customers are using it for more than a year!

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